$7 - $10/hr Proficient Google Ads
Management by Grand Tasker

At Grand tasker, we amalgamate proficiency in Google Ads and landing page optimization, aiming to provide cost-effective clicks and elevate conversion rates for leads or sales. Whether establishing your account anew or scrutinizing your existing setup, we're committed to propelling your account to new heights. Bid farewell to lackluster Google Ads management and connect with our adept specialists who are ready to assist you. Our hourly rates are denoted in Indian Rupees.

Grand Tasker Stands as a Global Front-runner in Outsourced Digital Marketing Excellence

Grand Tasker has earned the distinction of being the premier choice for engaging digital marketers, furthering our mission to establish ourselves as the foremost global outsourcing enterprise.

Search Advertising Campaigns

A Core Component of Google Ads. Present your offerings to individuals actively searching for your services and products within Google search results. We integrate keywords, innovative ad content, conversion tracking, and landing page optimization to enhance conversions cost-effectively.

Visual Ad Campaigns

Effective Remarketing Strategies – A Powerful Tool Done Right. Leveraging the Google Display Network, enterprises can execute pay-per-click or pay-per-impression advertising campaigns tailored to their overarching objectives. Our team of Google Ads experts excels in guiding you to drive precise customer actions through strategic ad placements.

Video Advertising Campaigns

YouTube Ads: Amplify Awareness and View-Through Conversions. Capture audience interest with engaging video ads (we also offer video creation services!). Elevate your business through enhanced brand and product visibility.

E-Commerce Ad Campaigns

Engaged in Online Product Sales? Allow us to establish your Google Merchant Center and orchestrate impactful Google Shopping Campaigns. Leveraging our expertise, we manage extensive accounts for prominent ASX retailers. Experience the advantage of reduced CPCs with Google Shopping, as we meticulously tailor your feed to spotlight your premier products. The Pareto Efficiency principle is at play here – a select 20% of your SKUs often contribute to 80% of your revenue.

Grand Tasker Distinction

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Unsurpassed Excellence

Exceptional Talent is a Rarity. Grand Tasker stands in stark contrast to the notion of prioritizing the lowest cost, employing overseas labor without a focus on quality. Our approach is designed to align with the remarkably elevated benchmarks set by premier management consulting firms, all while being accessible at a fraction of the cost.

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Empowering Training

Benefit from our exceptionally robust training led by the visionaries behind some of online enterprises, combined with the substantial productivity and impeccable English language proficiency of our enthusiastic and knowledgeable team. Committed to meeting your task deadlines, the Grand Tasker team ensures timely delivery while significantly reducing your existing expenses.

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Up to 70% Savings

We embody not only the globe’s most exceptional workforce but also present a cost advantage of 50-70% compared to our counterparts in India. Immerse yourself in the Grand Tasker distinction firsthand.